Light steel section in C,Z,U profile, which are used as purlins and other buildings. They are made on high quality steel, which corresponds with high strength. their length is per order, according to design, as well as the exact point of the pre-punched holes, (even in oval Shape).

Corrugated sheets
Trapezoidal single sheet for roof and side coverage of steel buildings. the strong profile offers mechanical strength and special shape of edges ensures the water -tightness of connecting joint. the raw mwterial is prepainted coils, width 1250mm with RAL 1014,5012 and 9016 or any special colour request the thickness is 0.5 and 0.7 mm. we can treat the corrugated sheet acc

Flashing for joints, corners, rain gutters, combs, ridges ect., are produced in various thicknesses, colors and lengths. Full set of scrwes, tightness washers and special pads are also provided.

Steel Decking Plate
Trapezoidal steel sheeting for composite slabs and permanent, metallic form work. Dimensioning tables that lay down the characteristic values of the maximum work load which acomposite slab can take up.

Sandwitch panel
Sandwitch panel is isolated tow single sheets injected with poly urithan to apply in food industries, cooling and freezing rooms